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New thoughts/schedule for Nonsesto

Okay so I've decided a few things about nonsesto.

I've decided that aside from using this comic to get better at story telling, I'm going to use it for time management. I'm going to set up a schedule/weekly goal that I must complete and abide by. A friend of mine that is currently at Cal Arts told me that the most important thing to worry about as far as animation goes that most people don't get at is time management. And come to think of it, I'm pretty horrible at that. LOL. I've gotta start to get myself to the point that I'm doing things so much that they become habitual.

Another thing, I was thinking about the plot line of the whole story...well not really THINKING about it, rather thinking about the world that the character-that as of now is nameless-exists in. When he gets out of the tunnel, I want her to be shocked at how different the world has changed in the 3 years she's been away from it. She's only familiar with the vice of the world, but not the general demographics and current events of the world. I'm glad that I paired her with (for now) a shap shifting alien. LOL

Oh and one of my main goes is to get her to look like the girl on the "cover" of nonsesto.

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