NOTES! Here's where I'll make some notes and put some brief summaries of the story thus far. NOTE this is an improvised comic. Prologue: The main character (who is now nameless)is walking across a bridge in a non-descriptive area of the "city" or wherever this story is taking place. She's making observations of the few people lurking around the area.

She spys a prostitute being picked up by a man for sex in the tunnels. note:she is wearing a red polka dotted dress. She also spots a teenager smoking an alien narcotic (which is nameless as of now, but I'm thinking-Nonsesto). Note: The smoke of the narcotic appears as a rainbow. The teenager, under the influence jumps off of the bridge-feeling as if he is a bird and plummets to his death. (setting a tone for the slightly insane underworld of the universe).

The nameless character has become so jaded to the things that we would consider horrible in our world and goes into the tunnel.

Chapter 1: When she enters the tunnel, she spots a prostitute. The prostitute asks her how much she's made-which reveals the fact that the nameless main character is in fact a prostitute. She tells her that she quits, but the other prostitute cannot fathom why a girl (especially one better looking that her) would ever decide to give up the easy life of prostitution. After her description of how easy it all is, the nameless character remarks that she is disgusted with her and naturally, the prostitute reacts. The nameless main character is obviously trying to get away from such a dangerous life.

As she's heading towards the exit of the tunnel, she spots the body of a dead prostitute. A prostitute wearing a red polka dot dress-as the one in the prologue. This-in a way is a prime example of why she doesn't want to continue on with her risky lifestyle. Being the resourceful girl that she is, she decides to take the dead girl's dress and leave tunnel 786 forever.